Christopher Atteo Understands How Markets Work

March 21, 2017
Christoper Atteo has worked hard to make a life and a career for himself from a very young age. See, his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Chris was just nine. Since he has been unable to walk or work for a living since then, Chris, as the oldest of the four Atteo's children, had to pick up a lot of the slack to help his family, doing whatever he could, from paper routes to cashiering to short-order cooking.

Following high school, Christopher Atteo took some financial classes at SUNY-Farmingdale, after which he obtained the licenses he needed to become an investment broker. Throughout more than two decades, Chris has worked with a good number of investment firms, where he has filled millions of share orders and traded billions of shares for individuals and institutions. All of that has provided him with a strong understanding of the global equity markets and derivatives from both a technical and fundamental analysis perspective. Of course, Chris Atteo has a life outside of the financial markets.